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Hello Davidson Plum

Davidson plum chilli jam

Davidson Plum 

Davidson plum chilli jam
Davidson plum chilli jam



The crew at Byron Bay Apartment for Rent took the challenge after visiting a friends property in Byron Bay where the Rainforest species of Davidson Plum was ripe for the picking !

The fruit grows directly on the trunk of the tree, and is short lived between December & January in the Northern Rivers area. A blood red flesh, highly acidic plum with two seeds.
Apparently 100 times more vitamin C than in oranges.

We washed them, cut the pips out and kept the skin on.
Boiled them with 50 : 50 ratio plums to sugar the same as making jam. We added some fresh scud chilli’s to add some punch! Sterilised some jars, poured in the “jam”, let cool and then refrigerated.
With the chilli flavour it’s awesome with sausages & meat !

Let me know if you need more precise details….
Enjoy, the Team at ByronBayApartmentForRent.



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